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Office Fit-Out Concepts

iOffice Furniture Office Fit-Out

Our huge range of stylish yet functional office furniture will transform your work environment to ensure every workday will inspire the imagination of your employees and impress clients when they visit your office.

Check out our Online Store for stocked items or select a design concept we can custom make for your office:

Themes / Office Concepts:

  • Industrial
  • White
  • Rustic
  • Retro
  • Modern Contemporary
  • Soho (Small Office / Home Office)
  • Hot Desking
  • Vintage
  • Timber Feel
  • Black & White
  • Funky
  • Open Plan
  • Minimilist
  • Call Centre Workstations
  • Medical Centre / Dr’s Office
  • Indoor Garden Office


We specialize in outfitting entire commercial office workspaces with modern, stylish and contemporary business office furniture. If you are furnishing just part of an office or every room in your company’s headquarters, school, university, library, hospital, police station or any other government department we can assist with our collection which features commercial grade high quality office furniture solutions from designer European office furniture to our modern workstations and storage furniture which we stock or our designer can design a custom made solution to suit your requirements. At iOffice Furniture our team will help make your business office furniture planning and purchasing experience simple, practical and affordable to be within your budget.

Our huge range of stylish yet functional office furniture will transform your work environment to ensure every workday will inspire the imagination of your employees and impress clients when they visit your office. Check our online store www.iofficefurniture.com.au to help budget for your office makeover – every product in our range is sourced from reputable manufacturers and is well priced so you can confidently explore the range in office furniture options that offers quality and best in class design.

Our versatile thinking in modern office furniture fit outs create the ideal work environment for comfort, innovation and freedom, encompassing contemporary office furniture designs will secure the very essence of your company’s culture and showcase your very own style.

Browse our online store for stylish modern office furniture styles to create office interiors for your specific areas and visualize your dream office in just few clicks. From conference rooms to brainstorming breakout and lounge areas, to executive offices, these are the places where big ideas are born, deals are done and closed.

Always remember that your office furnishings says a lot about you and your company, the ongoing atmosphere it creates for your employees and leaving a lasting first impression on new staff and potential clients – so creating a positive first impression counts.

As there is no perfect formula in designing a new office, the design team at iOffice Furniture utilise their combined knowledge of office furniture fit out experience and in depth understanding of office planning using the most ergonomic office furniture available that would work best for your organisation. You can start to work towards creating an inspirational new workplace by visiting our online store to get your design ideas.

We’ve looked at many benefits of effective workplace office-designs, hence improved collaboration, increased productivity, a lot more creativity, healthier and happier employees. Below is your detailed checklist for considerations if you are planning a new office set-up or refurbishing your existing office-space environment;




Rebound success by starting with the Directors and CEO’s offices which being the most central feature for the executive office desks. From our contemporary office desk designs showcasing styles from around the globe, including European Executive Desks with Return Buffets, Executive Timber Height Adjustable Desks with electric controls, Management Designer Desks with optional returns. Soft Tub Chairs, Small Round Meeting Tables, matching Filing and Storage to complete your entire office suite. Characterise your senior executive’s leadership with our modern and designer office desk ranges.




Create a workspace for your staffs that want to escape to and not from! With iOffice Furniture, our collection of modern-modular business office furniture, your workplace will come to life, inspiring productivity, creativity, leadership and certainly collaboration throughout the workday. Browse our selection of high quality Commercial Desks – Straight or Bow Front with optional Returns, modern Workstations, Height Adjustable Sit-to-Stand Desks, Add-On Electric Sit to Stand STANDESK to existing Desks or Workstations at a budget price, Bench style Single or Double Workstations, 2-Way (T-Shape) or 4-Way (Crucifix) Workstations. Available matching Filing Cabinets as vertical or lateral, Bookcases, Storage Cupboards, Credenza’s, Hutches which can be placed on top of desks or credenza’s for extra storage without taking your floor space, Desk Drawers which can be attached either on left or right hand side, Mobile Pedestals which can be easily tucked underneath your workstations-desks, round Meeting Tables to sit 3-4 persons, Whiteboards, Noticeboards, Mobile boards for open dialogue and presentation in conference or training rooms, even IN-Out Staff Board to easily verify staff movements, and hence all these options can undoubtedly optimize your office space resourcefully.




Surely the workplace design trend continues to unfold which has organisations shifting away from individual private offices towards more open floor plan to enhance and optimize on their commercial real estate footmark. When you are starting with a blank canvas, design a workplace that translates their workstyles, strategies, business needs, culture and core values into a physical setting creating a harmonious work-zone. Affordable products are available at iOfficeFurniture.com.au, where you’ll browse; Electric Height Adjustable Desks and Workstations create flexible, ergonomic workspaces for the modern office that promote productivity, comfort and health. Height Adjustable desks also known as sit-to-stand desks. This ergonomic furniture line gives workers the ability to switch out of the sedentary position to relieve muscle strain and increase blood circulation to the brain, which improves health and productivity. Our selection of modern Workstations with Screen systems and when price matters you can easily transform your existing desk or workstation with Add-On Electric Sit-Stand “STANDESK”, other options – Bench Style Single or Double Workstations with screen dividers, One, Two or Three person Workstations, 2-Way (T-Shape) or 4-Way (Crucifix) Workstations. In an open work environment filing and storage plays a vital role for storing all your documents. We provide storage solution such as, Mobile Pedestals and Mobile Caddy that will slip under your workstations easily for your personal storage. Where space is limited Tambour cabinets with sliding door in several heights can also be used, add Planter Boxes to bring freshness to the workplace. Stationery and Bookcases-Shelving are optional storage solutions and for filing either vertical or lateral cabinets. Open office spaces are believed to grant a sense of shared responsibility among employees because they are perceived as less rigid and more tranquil in atmosphere and it is vital to optimize your companies requirement sensibly.




When entering your modern office conference room, where collaboration climaxes in action. Management, staffs and clients work together towards one common goal, the result of achievements. Create an environment of forward thinking with our contemporary designer Boardroom Tables in various sizes and finishes, Commercial Conference Tables for larger audience to sit, Round Meeting Tables for small groups 3-4 person. In today’s office, work happens everywhere: in conference rooms, break-out rooms, and training areas. To create flexible environment several Folding Tables can be used in a conference room or for training purposes, and then reconfigure them for an afternoon presentation. Flip-Top Tables for quick set-up and can be nested and stored away easily. Glass Whiteboards, Mobile Whiteboards, Pin Boards for interactive communications, stylish and comfortable Boardroom Chairs, and to finish the meeting room with low storage Credenza in various sizes and finishes which are available at iOffice Furniture.




Office chairs are a part of the décor of any business or home office but selecting the right ergonomic chair for your staff or office can make a big difference in your health and comfort. Remember that staffs in your office will sit at least 8 hours in a day. Therefore, it is so important that people invest in the good quality ergonomic office chairs. At iOffice Furniture specially selected high-quality range of commercial grade office chairs will improve productivity, concentration, and comfort so your staffs can perform day long work tasks with ease. Our comprehensive collection of quality modern office Ergonomic Task Chairs and AFRDI Certified Operators Chairs in Fabric or Leather, Breathable Mesh Back Chairs, good Lumbar Back Support Chairs with and without Arms and for CEO’s and managers our range of Executive Chairs in PU and Leather, high and medium backs are designed with both ergonomics and personal aesthetic in mind. In addition, comfortable Boardroom Chairs, Chairs with plastic seat and back can be used for Multipurpose Linkable Seating – easily cleanable for medical centres or communal areas, Visitors-Client Chairs with-without padding, frame as 4 leg or cantilever style base, sturdy plastic shell or padded Training Chairs with or without Tablet Arms, high Stools – Drafting Chairs and Premium Executive office chairs in Leather. Not forgetting breakout and café chairs also available. We also offer modern comfortable business Reception Lounges, commercial Sofas in single, two and three seaters and comfy Lobby Tub Chairs in fabric or leather to make the perfect first impression to your valuable clients.




Modern filing cabinets and storage cupboards offer design flexibility, personalizing workspaces with style. Space flexibility is not only crucial to employee satisfaction and productivity but to organizational strategy and agility. Storage furniture available in various widths, depths and heights performs its own special storage functions, i.e. Filing cabinets – vertical or lateral drawers – will simplify your day, keeping your files, records, and documents organized while seamlessly melding with your modern office decor. Optimize your space with our contemporary – slimline Mobile Pedestals or Mobile Caddy designed for personalized filing and storage. Ask us about our Tambour Cabinets – its retractable doors that do not take up walkway or aisle space will suite most narrow corridors. When using Stationery Cupboards or Bookcases (Shelving) – shelves are adjustable to accommodate all your folders, books and general office storage. Credenza and Hutches in timber finish will suit any commercial furniture office fit out. Lockers in various configurations one, two, three, four, six, eight even twelve doors or combo unit, will play a vital practical storage for all your personal belongings i.e personal clothes, school bags, lunch boxes, safety boots and helmets, laptops and documents. Lockers for schools, gyms, mines, factories, commercial or industrial and for general office use. Storage furniture manufactured either in timber or steel with full locking systems provide security and peace of mind in any workplace or schools.




We tend to immediately think of verbal communication. But so much of verbal communication can be misunderstood. It can be costly that no one quite understands what you’re saying. Visual communication turns thoughts and words into ideas. Ideas become action. Our wide range of innovative communication products can be browsed at iOfficeFurniture.com.au from magnetic whiteboards, felt-pin boards, magnetic glass boards white or black, mobile magnetic-whiteboard and pin boards, portable flip-chart, corkboards, water resistant display cases-noticeboard, monthly- yearly planners, printed boards to lecterns your very own pulpit to do presentations. Communication boards are available in various sizes and can be mounted on walls in your offices, boardrooms, school class rooms, lecture- training rooms, anywhere people meet to inspire and collaborate.




This is where your companies journey begins the first point of contact. Letting your office’s stylish and contemporary reception counter-desk fluently communicate the culture and values of your company, after all first impressions are everything. Explore our array of modern reception desks for every budget and size, from commercial to designer high gloss finished in modular style, including straight, curved and glass reception desks and set your company apart from the competition in every aspect of your business. For your reception storage choose from desk height credenza, storage or tambour cupboards. Reception seatings for your lobby, choose from single, double or three seater comfortable lounges or tub armchairs in fabric or PU-leather. Browse our collection of modern reception counters and explore your first impression to meet your clients.




In today’s open office environment, you will require enclosed meeting spaces. Collaboration office furniture creates a creative, relaxed environment where staffs can come together for their meetings or brainstorming sessions. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a high-backed lounge, a bench, break out chairs with small round tables or a soft lounge and media consoles. Private meeting areas can be easily created with mobile room dividers available in pin boards or whiteboards. With our collection of flexible and innovative products that work seamlessly together, our unique conference furniture takes the traditional workspace, boardroom or face-to-face meeting to a new, innovative level.




Chill out zone, lunch room can vary from comfy lounges and tub armchairs where staff can read magazines or newspapers, at times companies provide table games, to gyms and even nap rooms which are rumoured to exist in certain organisations. Having the ability to decamp from work has been proven to not only increase productivity but also creativity, and so it’s important to look at including an area to relax and unwind. We have options of breakout – café chairs, high stools for bench sitting and various styles of tables for staff lunches.




In some cases, size, design and finishes may need to vary to accommodate your organisations purpose. Let us innovative your custom office furniture design for one-of-a-kind custom workstations i.e. curved or radial shaped, contemporary reception desks, commercial boardroom table with two piece tops, modern office desks, practical filing storage solutions and soft seating and chairs in designer fabrics of your choice, that will set your company apart from the competition. We collaborate with you to create unique office interiors, and offer custom made office furniture to accommodate your requirements.


Why Choose iOffice Furniture Fit-Outs?

At iOffice Furniture we genuinely love what we do and working with customers to innovate, design and fitout exciting new workplaces. We understand what it takes to deliver a successful business projects. Our office fit-out experienced team have built trusted relationships with only the best quality office suppliers and guarantee a seamless, stress free assignments. We understand how everything works and importantly, what will need to happen so you get the very best new workplace. Our design, fit out and furniture teams will work closely with you and your team to develop the design, manage the office fit out, select the right furniture and ensure that your new workplace not only looks great and practical, but is also delivered on time and on budget.