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INAPOD D POD Acoustic Meeting Pod 2-4 Person

$24,895.00 $22,795.00

*Free Delivery with Installation – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Canberra Metro areas

INAPOD, the D POD is designed to fit 2 – 4 person. This office booth is perfect for holding meetings, brainstorming sessions, one-on-one conversations, as well as a place to rest and rejuvenate away from the disturbance of an open space, Quite Zone. Simple A/C plug connection to a standard wall socket is all that is required. When you need to work with maximum focus and minimal distraction, just get into a D POD. As the Pod comes with Power & USB Charging Port, also includes Motion Sensor for Led lights and ventilation fans. The base has ball bearing castors, which allows ease of mobility in any space.

High Acoustic Rating – Beautifully designed and using carefully selected materials with the best absorption and isolation performance.

Application: Perfect for open-plan office, large cooperate offices, Government departments and educational & training facilities.

Colours : White, Black, Silver & Turquoise

Warranty: 5 years

Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Canberra metro areas, if outside these areas contact us


Colour Selection *

Delivery & Installation *

*Free delivery and install offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide Metro areas


Product Features: 


D POD – 2-4 PERSON OFFICE POD is designed to fit 2 or 4 person.

  • ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION – Exterior shell and frame are made from strong metal construction.
  • HIGH ACOUSTIC RATING – Beautifully designed using carefully selected materials with the best absorption and isolation performance. TUV-32dB/NIC
  • LED LIGHTING – These automatic LED lights allow for ample internal lighting
  • POWER & USB CHARGING OUTLETS – Continuous power supply for your gadgets and direct connection to your office network with internal outlets. For D Pod mounted on tabletop.
  • FIRE, FLAMMABILITY AND SMOKE RATING—The INAPOD has been extensively tested to all the relevant STANDARDS.
  • 10mm DOUBLE LAMINATED GLASS – The 10mm laminated glass provide excellent attenuation for a perfectly silent and isolated work environment, yet still provides inclusivity via transparent glass.
  • GRADE 1 LOCKSETS used in the door construction.
  • LAMINATED WORKTOP OR WORKING TABLE – On the D POD there is a large working table in the center of the POD size 700W x 550D x 25mm thick.
  • POWER TO WALL SOCKET – Standard 240V wall plug/ socket connection with 3 meter cord (right hand side).
  • VENTILATION – 4 ventilation fans ensuring you’re able to work in a well ventilated space with great acoustic properties – Effective air circulation and comfortable seating allows for an uninterrupted work experience. 4 Fan speeds ensuring plenty of ventilation or quiet running.
  • COMFORTABLE & BREATHEABLE – Work comfortably in a well ventilated space with great acoustic properties.
  • MOTION SENSOR – The motion sensor detects movement and turns on the fans and lights automatically making the unit extremely energy efficient.
  • RETRACTABLE & PORTABLE – It is designed to be easily dismantled, moved and re-installed. Integrated ball bearings allows for ease of movement when required.
  • CAT6 OUTLET – The CAT6 outlet has been added for increased internet speed should it be required.
  • WIRELESS DIMMER – Light dimmer system allowing for lowering the light intensity for teleconference calls and presentations. WiFi connection to the receiver.
  • Colours: Pod colour – White, Black, Silver & Turquoise | Table Top colour – White | Sofa Fabric colour for D POD – Charcoal Grey
  • Warranty: 5 years


Freight dimensions: 2280 x 1000 x 1420h mm | Packing Weight: 630kg Net Weight: 500kg |  Cubic: 3.24m3

Internal dimensions: 2000 x 1120 x 2000h mm | External dimensions: 2200 x 1200 x 2000h mm | Area: 2.24m3 External

Additional information

Weight630 kg
Dimensions2280 × 1140 × 1420 cm

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